Selected work


A unique poetic vision based on analogy with the documentary “235 000 000”, a classic of the Riga school of poetic documentary cinema.

TE! (TV sērijas)

No 2016.gada 3.marta LTV1 ēterā atgriežas LV jaunatklāšanas raidījums TE!

Obliging Collaborators Uz spēles Latvija

This is a story about collaborationists in post-war Latvia and how they helped the KGB to kill off the anti-Soviet resistance movement.

Riga Story

800 years of Riga history in a 30 minute documentary film.

Jaguar’s Corner Jaguāra kakts

In 1946, a group of Latvian Brazilian missionaries arrived to Rincon del Tigre to preach God's word to the Ayoreo Indians.

Ēst ir tavā dabā (TV Series / Book)

TV series & award-winning cookbook that married gourmet cooking with going outdoors.

Ziemeļu puse (TV Series) Nordic Style

Two young latvians on a quest for all things nordic.

Klucis – The Deconstruction of an Artist Klucis - nepareizais latvietis

A deeply personal view on the life of Gustav Klucis, one of the foremost representatives of early 20th century Russian avant-garde art.