The Keys with English subtitles

The Keys with English subtitles

In 2018, Mārtiņš Ķibilds and the team at VFS Films created historical television series “The Keys”. We will publish an episode with English subtitles each week throughout the year letting these valuable stories to be heard beyond the borders of Latvia.


The Keys ep6 Perestroika. The beginning of the end

In February 1987 Gorbachev visited Riga. What happened with the people he met and what happened with Gorbachev himself when all of it was...

The Keys ep5 The Freedom Fights.

Was the birth of Latvia a lucky coincidence or perhaps a smart and dazzling political tango?

The Keys ep4 Independent Latvia's return to the Olympic Games

The fight for Latvia's return to the free world of sports had to be fought in the same trenches as its fight for political...

The Keys ep3 Soviet repressions against Riga intellectuals in the early 1950s

During the totalitarian Soviet regime, Riga intellectuals were charged with high treason for organizing French literature nights.

The Keys ep2 University in a war-destroyed zoo

So-called diaspora Latvians are an intrinsic part of our nation and our country's history.

The Keys ep1 The 1991 January Barricades

The 1991 January Barricades in Baltics - the key to the stability of the new world order.