September 22 is the World Car Free Day and encourages people to give up their cars for a day.
Many events were organised in Riga and other cities and countries on this day.

Viesturs Silenieks
Jānis Belecks
Raitis Reinis
Inese Vasiļjeva

Director: Reinis Spaile
Producer: Elīna Karule
Camera: Reinis Aristovs, Krišs Roziņš, Kristaps Dzenis, Miks Ramāns, Toms Ošiņš

Special thanks to:
Uldis Cekulis
Dainis Kreilis
Gustavs Silenieks
Artūrs Pavlovs
SIA Gandrs
SIA Velokurjers
Music: Portico Quartet