Selected work


A unique poetic vision based on analogy with the documentary “235 000 000”, a classic of the Riga school of poetic documentary cinema.

Raidījums TE!

Latvijas jaunatklāšanas raidījums kopā ar Martu Selecku, Gustavu Terzenu, Paulu Timrotu, Daci Salnāju, Māri Olti un Māru Sleju.

Obliging Collaborators Uz spēles Latvija

This is a story about collaborationists in post-war Latvia and how they helped the KGB to kill off the anti-Soviet resistance movement.

Riga Story

800 years of Riga history in a 30 minute documentary film.

Jaguar’s Corner Jaguāra kakts

In 1946, a group of Latvian Brazilian missionaries arrived to Rincon del Tigre to preach God's word to the Ayoreo Indians.

Ēst ir tavā dabā (TV Series / Book)

TV series & award-winning cookbook that married gourmet cooking with going outdoors.

Ziemeļu puse (TV Series) Nordic Style

Two young latvians on a quest for all things nordic.

Klucis – The Deconstruction of an Artist Klucis - nepareizais latvietis

A deeply personal view on the life of Gustav Klucis, one of the foremost representatives of early 20th century Russian avant-garde art.