Laibach – The Whistleblowers

A group of young athletes train or are being trained to become the perfect whistleblowers under the distant, but watchful eye of their Leader. A unique Soviet LOMO lens creates the extreme widescreen effect, like a three-stripe national flag with the video as the middle stripe.

The video is included in the Oberhausen International short film festival in the MuVi International program.
(Mūzikas video iekļauts 2014.gada Oberhauzenes Starptautiskā īsfilmu festivāla MuVi International programmā.)

Produced by VFS Films and Traavik.Info
Label Mute Records

Directed by Morten Traavik
DOP: Valdis Celmins
1AC: Janis Jurkovskis
2 AC: Miks Ramans
Art director: Kristaps Epners
Costume designer: Jurate Silakaktina
Make-up artist: Viktorija Safronova
Gaffer: Juris Zemitis
Line producer: Agne Skane
Editor: Gatis Belogrudovs
VFX: Madars Upitis, Jaroslavs Kreilis
SFX: Janis Kreituss
Colourist & online editor: Kriss Rozins
Sound: Artis Dukalskis

Special thanks to Valnoir, Paris and School 41, Riga
Technical support SDG Lighting and BBRental

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