New Life for the Tired / Preview

Having learned of the Nordic pragmatic approach of giving new life to otherwise useless things, two young Latvians, Gustavs and Marta, travel to the Nordic countries to get a first-hand knowledge of what it means in reality. They start their journey in rural Finland, where some Jukka has made an open source workshop in which ordinary cars are remodelled into electric cars. Later in Oslo they learn what kind of infrastructure is needed to make this future transport viable and even popular. Then they take a bike tour in Copenhagen to visit some new examples of wooden architecture designed to atract people to former industrial areas. Their trip ends in the underground tunnels of Sweden where Gustavs and Marta are introduced to the best-known by-product of the mining industry – the Falun red paint, the 'trademark' of the Nordic countryside. Finally they spend a night 150 meters under the ground in an empty place where silver ore used to be and which is now being filled with pure emotions.