The Foods of the North / Preview

Two young Latvians, Gustavs and Marta, start their quest for the Nordic values by exploring the foods of the North. Rene Redzepi, the chef of the world-famous restaurant Noma, shows them his kitchen to prove that nature will be the main future component of the Nordic menus. The quest continues with a 3-day stay on Ulvon Island in central Sweden where the best fermented herring has always been made. Clown Ruben Madsen shares his passion with Gustavs and Marta and teaches them to love the most controversial dish that the Northerners have ever come up with. The story concludes with a visit to a salmon farm in the Norwegian fjords. After inspecting it and listening to what the captain of the Norwegian 'green warriors' has to say, Marta and Gustavs doubt that they will ever eat the Norwegian salmon again.